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Step back from yo-yo dieting, guilt, and deprivation and embrace a new relationship with food and a sustainable and long-lasting weight loss for health. 

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  • Do you feel unhappy with your current body?
  • Are you sick and tired of always being overweight?
  • Is “I’ll start tomorrow” your most spoken line?
  • Perhaps you are experiencing medical conditions, and your healthcare practitioner told you that losing weight could improve your health.
  • Would you love to become healthier and support your medicine regime while feeling better about yourself?
  • Do you wish you could have a balanced relationship with food?
Susanna Fall Nutritional Medicine Consultant and Pharmacist

My name is Susanna. I am a Nutritional Medicine Consultant & Pharmacist.

I help people who want to lose weight to improve medical conditions and support the effectiveness of their medications with nutritional & lifestyle interventions. I do so without asking you to engage in another diet or letting you feel deprived. Instead, I will guide you to take meaningful and sustainable steps to take control of your weight and health while achieving an improved relationship with food, your body and those around you.

Perhaps you feel you have tried every diet under the sun (from hardcore weight loss dieting to exhausting levels of exercise), but rather than losing weight, you have ultimately ended up gaining more. 

Maybe you feel that nothing can be done to improve your body and health. However, by working together, I will support you in achieving your weight goals by implementing healthy habits built around your unique needs.

So, if you feel you have been stuck in a body that doesn’t represent you for far too long, and you are ready to reclaim your health, don’t postpone and book your free Strategy Session with me now.